New Location:

809 Prosper St

DePere, WI 54115

Serving Northeast Wisconsin

Since 2006


Norsec Computer Recyclers LLC recycles computers, computer monitors, servers, network equipment, routers, refrigerators, dehumidifier, air conditioners, computer mice, computer keyboards, printers, fax machines, cables, telephone line, printer cartridge, copiers, telephone systems, cellphones, washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, hair dryers and all kinds of household electronics.

That's a lot of stuff,

but if your household electronic device is not on the list call before you throw it in the landfill!!!!!

Recycling Fees


Norsec Computer Recyclers LLC makes recycling easy with its simple fee structure!!



We charge for TVs and  Monitors.


Its that simple!!!!!!


Charges per item when dropped off


Computer Monitors                                              $  10.00

Televisions under 30"                                           $ 15.00

Flat Panel TVs               $15.00

Televisions over 30"                                             $ 30.00

Console TVs               $30.00

Refrigerators                                                          N/C

Dehumidifier                                                           N/C

Air Conditioner                                                        N/C

Computer CPUs                                                      N/C

Servers                                                                   N/C

Mice & Keyboards                                                   N/C

Printers/Scanners/Fax                                             N/C

Network Equipment                                                  N/C

Phone Systems                                                       N/C

Cellphones                                                              N/C

Stoves                                                                    N/C

Washers/Dryers                                                      N/C

Household Electrical Appliances                               N/C


There is a  $30.00 pick-up fee per trip.


$50.00 per hour hauling fee outside the Green Bay metro area.